Cheap electricity tariff on a legal basis. High electrical capacity.

In-house fabrication and merchandising of Mobile Data Centers (MDC).

Merchandising and maintenance of mining equipment.

High-quality hosting of equipment at our own worksite located at Irkutsk, Lake Baikal.

Baikal Mining Company

Your reliable partner in the world of mining equipment and blockchain technology.

For investors

Targeted at the development of innovative and disruptive technologies we attract additional funding on a profit-sharing basis. Our promising business model can quickly build a sustainable advantage to maximize profit.

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Software development

Our Team develops monitoring systems for mining equipment and blockchain-based software solutions to streamline business processes, to upgrade quality of services and cost minimization of the customers.

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Mining solutions
  • We bring to your attention our mining solutions:
  • - production and sale of mobile data centers (MDC)
  • - hosting of your equipment and rental of parking space for your containers
  • - sale of processing capacity
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You Can Make Money Right Now

Mobile Data Centre (MDC)
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Bitfury Equipment
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Monitoring Platform for Mining
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B2B Software Tools
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