About BMC

Your reliable partner in the world of mining equipment and blockchain technology.

Our mission:

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Your reliable partner in the world of mining equipment and blockchain technology.

BMC company is working in the crypto industry since 2018. During this period, we achieved a certain level of success in all directions related to industrial mining.

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Russian Federation


Prerequisites for setting up BMC go back to 2012, when one of the first blockchain enthusiasts in Russia assembled a mining farm in his yard shed. Having gained his first experience in DLT industry, he shared this idea with the future founder of the company.

In 2015, we started attracting enthusiastic software developers who had faith in our project and united to win. Gradually, we were able to put together a team of promising front-end and back-end developers who coherently and effectively dealt with the challenges who matured alongside with the burgeoning project.

In the ensuing period, we carried out a great deal of experimental work, and following several years of collective endeavours decided to form a company able to offer to the market high-quality services in the field of blockchain technologies.

Hence, although the company was officially registered in 2018, overall work along these lines had been conducted for a period of six years prior to its official incorporation.

Our achievements

Over this period to this date, we:

- Designed and created from scratch a mobile data center (MDC) for computing server equipment with a unique climate control system adapted to all weather conditions, including extremely low and high temperatures;

- Put together a qualified team of dedicated and highly professional specialists who can successfully deal with extraordinary tasks and built a worksite with the developed infrastructure to house MDC;

- Developed a system to monitor and manage mining equipment on an industrial scale and a cloud service to streamline the operations and business processes for the B2B sector;

- Collaborated and concluded a distribution agreement with Bitfury, one of the world’s leading emerging technologies companies in the blockchain industry.

We are constantly developing and keep bringing our experience to the world of high technologies and blockchain industry, in order to better serve the rapidly-growing needs in this area.


We attract investments on mutually beneficial terms

We manufacture mobile data centers (MDC) based on 40-foot freight containers

We offer high-quality hosting for Customer’s equipment and MDC at our worksite

We sell computing capacity

We create B2B class applications and develop software tools

We are the authorized distributor of Bitfury Holding in Russia

Our advantages
Vadim Sachkov
Alena Tumashova
Victor Osipov
Anna Stegailo
Yurii Elshin
Sofya Dorovskaya
Artem Zykov
Aleksandra Chichkova
Alisa Klimenko
Yuliya Sycheva
Mikhail Brusov
Olga Shavel
Stepan Vokin
The outside experts in industry and academia supporting the project.