Managing a large number of devices for mining takes considerable time and requires specific expertise.
A specially equipped room with a cooling system and an uninterrupted power supply is required.
We offer an effective solution for you.

Total capacity of 65 MW, high voltage (HV), 3rd price category

Electricity at the average rate of $0.038 per kW/h with VAT (direct PPA with the utility company, no third parties involved)

Hosting of your equipment in our mobile data centers

Rental of the parking space for your mobile data centers

Processing capacity for sale

24/7 monitoring and technical support

Execution of an Agreement with full validity

CCTV, protected area

Freehold land in close proximity to electricity substation

Choose our ready-made solution or design your own Mobile Data Center with our 3D-Configurator
House your equipment at our worksite for the average annual price of $0,038 per kW/h
Processing Capacity
Purchase processing capacity on beneficial terms